The Human Resistance.

Human beings resist knowing themselves and are generally more comfortable with only operating as a human being. It thus uses its Reason to stay outside (or otherwise totally contained) aof knowledge, which is to say, to stay the sovereign progenitor of knowledge. The generator and the owner of knowledge.

Similarly, the individual human being does not want to know what the universal object “the human being” is. It is generally unable to desire to know itself; it desires regularly to “just Be” what it wants. It thus uses the deferment generated by its self-centered privilege, which is redundantly propped up by its knowledge, to keep itself from having to encounter itself. Technology is one manner by which it finds itself in a comfortable segregate agency; physiology and biology is technology.

The key component to by-passing the defenses inherent to the common real human being is to understand that describing the ontological situation does not thereby suggest that something is wrong or incorrect about it, as though we thus are required then to come up with a better way of conception.

In other words, my description here does not suggest that we should do away with technology or that biological understanding is wrong or an incorrect way to comprehend real aspects of the human being.

We are involved in finding the universal object called the human being, and not so much attempting to destroy it in the effort.

It is an effort of honesty over interest, truth over opinion, actuality over ideology.

It is the effort of the Big Risk. The Long Game.





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