Thank the Old Gods GOT is Done!

The over-educated hyper-real faux intelligent stupid sophistication commentaries will end. Thank the old gods.

The only thing that was bad about the show was the audience (Media) commentary.

And Philosophically speaking, and to comment on my previous post about hyper-objects —

It is not so much the hyper-objects Of Reality that screw everything else up, it is the idea that the notion of hyper-objects contributes to getting anywhere. The example of the hyper-object here is the hyper-real fixation on the presumption that entertainment should correspond with the depth of actual real people’s lives: Shakespeare did not try to ‘be true’ to reality, nor did any of the great works of fiction. It is exactly the fictional presentation which draws us in! Not how closely is emulates the real world. The unnoticed fact is that fiction only is able to reflect realty where people deny that it is indeed fiction and use it as an extension of the real world. Another occasion of revolting from the abyss of freedom to assert subjective truth at all costs, including freedom itself. Entertainment reflects reality only when it is allowed to be free as entertainment, as theatre in this case. When a demand for real correspondence accompanies the notion of entertainment, we begin to live fictional lives, which is to say, in denial of reality itself.

Thank the old gods the show is over.

I loved the show from beginning to end. To bad the audience had to (almost) ruin it.







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