Why do people get paid for opinions that are obviously stupid.


Yes Game of Thrones.


This article from Elle. And then all the various social media comments about people complaining how they dislike how the show is turning out.

MORONS. Morons, I tell you.



Seriously there is not a common creature called the human being. Nothing so confirms the decendancy of society than popular social media. Because one of two things is true: I am a human being and people like me or stupid people are human beings. Lol

The people like me see entertainment as entertainment: It is entertaining.

And then there are those that want to read deep character meaning and plot development into this fantasy show on fucking HBO. Go read a goddamn book you idiots. Lol.

I thought it was perfect. Daenerys acted exactly how she should. And so did everyone else, you pussies.

Obviously these people that didn’t like how the show unfolded live such tiny envelope lives that they have no conception of story development psychology or how people might actually behave.  of course you are not going to like it, idiots: that was what we liked about the show, that it wasn’t playing into our typical ideas of what we thought it should be. And just because now we’ve seen seven years of it doesn’t mean that automatically you know how the show should be written. God dammit woman. Lol . The reason why the show is good is because it doesn’t cater to your lousy opinions as an audience. That’s why you are not writing and producing killer fantasy books and excellent shows.

So, the stupid people are indeed stupid I’ll just let them have the name human being.

So there it is. 😜👽

my uninvolved opinion of the Game of Thrones series: Fuck , people are morons. Mashing together shows, it’s like most people on the globe literally are people who live in the capital of the hunger games movie. 😅

I’m glad the whole thing is over because it got too big anyways.

One more episode. Thank the old gods.


And the thing about that coffee cup on the set?

All these reports on the media about how the audience were so disappointed and so upset about it.

Who are these fucking dip-dongs?

I thought it was hilarious and I thought it just contributed to the whole Game of Thrones phenomenon. PERFECTION!

And then how someone said that it was actually herbal tea, and not coffee?

Omg Genius response.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

3 thoughts on “Why do people get paid for opinions that are obviously stupid.”

  1. I agree stupidity is the disease of the century! I read those comments on GoT and it was a waste of time for me lol. And worse, as you said it, they are paid for those opinions! Stupid world! Why am I not paid for my opinions lol


    1. Hey I was just thinking : a hacker. You know what a computer hacker is, yeah?

      Well, what they do is Hack. So my (Cedric’s) book is the Philosophical Hack.


      But also I am a Hack from certain people’s perspective : I don’t know what I’m doing now what I’m taking about .



      1. I had this link in my mind, hacker and hack, when I asked you about its meaning. And now it is even more clear. In French, hacker is said “pirate ” the same meaning this word has in English. The idea behind it is attacking and robbing. Interesting that hacker has a different meaning than pirate. 2 different perspectives on the same action

        Liked by 1 person

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