* OUT SOON: The Philosophical Hack, The Second Part *

If everything goes well, Cedric Nathaniel should have The Second Part finished very soon.

The Philosophical Hack is indeed the name of this blog, but I only changed it recently. It used to be called Constructive Undoing. I felt that my posts where no longer really about constructively undoing things; I feel that the first 5 years have laid a pretty good floorpan of how one undoes what has been de-constructed, so to speak. And this is to only repeat my discomfort with — not Postmodernism, as such — but indeed what people have made Postmodern into. Indeed, I tend to find what I understand as Postmodern, often enough, is not what people use the philosophy for. So, I spent about 4 years using in various ways the actual embodiment of Postmodern intesnion upon the ideal of Postmodern theoretical deconstruction (destruction), if that makes any sense :). I therefore was in an effort to undo that general problematic scene of disembodied theory (which is likely not the same notion as the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics). The issue of modernity is the embodiment of disembodiment, the contradiction that is overcome through faith.

I mean, I suppose some destruction still leaks out here and there, but what is a philosopher to do?

…be relentless in discerning knowledge from foolishness…

In any case…

So, not long ago I changed the name of this blog to The Philosophical Hack because now that the scene and arena has been described or at least sufficiently outlined, it seems a good time to begin to hack into the conventional facade, which forms the name of the book that will be released in about 6 or 7 parts over about a year’s time, I would guess.

Check out The Philosophical Hack: The First Part. On Sale Now !

(how funny! I just search for this book and there are two listings. One is for approximately  $7 and one is for appx $4.  Im not totally sure why.  But HERE IS THE LINK to the URL with eh $7 shop, and it has the longer description of the book.  But you decide which how much you want to spend.  But I think the $7 was a not quite done edited version. Up to you.


Where The First Part outlines the general philosophical field of the problem,  The Second Part delves more deeply into the teleological nature of the political world and reality.


2 responses to “* OUT SOON: The Philosophical Hack, The Second Part *”

  1. maylynno Avatar

    Good luck ! 👍👏


    1. landzek Avatar

      I have a suspicion that I am not writing this book for people who live in our time. But we will see. 😉

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