The Epitome Of Empty POP Intellectualism: Meg Hanson. Yes

“The recycled jokes, pop psychology, and telegenics at play in Toronto’s Sony Centre created what Žižek would call the ultimate postmodern debate: it was an injection of pure antagonism into modern life. With no purpose other than disruption and discontent, it was a performance of online celebrity and turning thought into a commodity. It was painful, but perfectly representative of our time.”

Wow. Read Meg Hanson’s review of the Zizek/Peterson debate HERE.

It is obvious from Meg’s article that intelligence is meaning something different now days. Meg is reporting pop intelligence to a group of people who — well — people who are not philosophers. As she is not a philosopher. She is reporting a mistaken reading of a mistaken comprehension of what occurred. And yet, her review comes up prominently when one searches for the Z/P debate.

Huh. How interesting. I wonder what exactly is being commodified here?

Hmm. What Postmodernism is where??

The perfect example of the dilemma (that Meg seems totally oblivious to) is that quote above taken from her report. A perpetuation of falsity posed as legitimate. The sign of our times: another unknowing repetition offalse news”. Ignorance posed as knowledge.

There is nothing to say to dispute it — not because she is correct about the debate, but Becuase she is correct about her own reporting of the event.

And if we want to get really philosophical (sorry pop smarties): The Leadership is exactly occurring beyond the scope of those who would think they would recognize it, and – this is the really good part — despite what those people would want.

She is unable to comprehend that, at least Zizek, knows that he cannot escape the commodification, and thus misinterpretation, of his presentation. This is the dilemma that he poses in the debate!

But Meg does not acknowledge this mistake about her informed and intelligent opinion. She is unable to comprehend what is actually occurring. So what happens is the content of her report turns out to be really about her reporting. She is talking about what she does and for a living. Meg: you are representing our time, of people who do not think nevertheless thinking that they do. 😆. This is the main inescapable feature of our (post-) modern capitalism.

Dig that irony, baby.


Perhaps if Meg actually read any of Zizek‘s stuff instead of the capitalist‘s Cliff’s notes she might have understood the situation. Maybe she should delve into some Heidegger, or Ortega de Gasset. But she’s got a career to uphold; don’t have time to actually think.

In short:

Sweetheart; maybe take a few hours out of your gentrified Brooklyn hipster scene and actually invest some time into learning how to think.

It is less a tragedy of the youth, than it is indeed the tragedy that some people recognize, and others are unable to know of.

Hence the topic of the Z/P debate.


Whoa! Philosophy is a trip dude. Hey, is pot legal in my state yet? 😄.



* “If it’s popular, it’s probably not very important — I mean, unless your into that kind of heroin.”





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