1. Schelling to me is difficult. I have studied his philosophy back in the days and still i am not sure that I understood it fully since it is a mix of immanence and transcendence, the God alpha and the God omega etc.. all these concepts intertwined! He is a mixture of Spinoza, Fichte, Hegel and so on. Nevertheless he is quite magical and interesting

    1. Okay! you can watch the vid now.

      I love technology !

      Yes. I have not read too much Schelling. and it was a while ago, so the only things I remember from him is that he used very Christinan language and that he was another person who had some good points about the nature of existence. Hesiod is a good guy for his explanations of people I havnt got around to reading.

      I read very slow. I suppose thats why I had to be able to see into a philospher quickly. At first, I doubted this skill, but over the years I have grown to trust it. It tells me significant things about a philosopher witout having to make a close reading.

      One of those things is if a thorough reading will be supplying presently useful infomration. and another of those things is if they will be worth, at some point when I do have the time, a thorough reading. lol

      People who do explanations, like Hesiod, help fill in details of which I had only gleaned generalities.

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