If you don’t know, then now you know: There is no such thing as reverse racism.

Read the story of the white backlash to Jordan Peele’s saying he won’t cast anymore lead as white people.

Folks; please do a little investigation into reality before you go and say that if people of color exclude whites then they are enacting reverse racism.

We can get into all the philosophical discussion later, because, for sure there is something more going on than only systemic oppression and prejudice. But it is not responsible to immediately jump to some sort of “higher form of reason intelligence” to argue against what is obviously a real element in the world.

I think it shows a certain level of ignorance and indeed pompousness for people in their excellent liberally educated minds to take an on the ground situation and then immediately jump into this meta-analysis of implied ethical “human equality”. Not only is it invalidating to real circumstances that real people encounter, but it is it’s self highly suspect route.

I myself have posted many essays and indeed have presently published the first part of a book (The Philosophical Hack) that investigates this notion of some sort of “higher reasoning”. I question whether there is this thing called “reason” in which all human beings are involved with that settles all disputes. This does not mean that I am arguing that there is no reason, but I am suggesting that what people tend to fall upon as being educated is really a type of myopia, really privileged kind of Freirian real systemic oppression.

Anyways. If you’re a white person, just try and understand, try to have some responsibility for our world: being a person of color does not invalidate your being white. It does challenge the exclusive privilege of whiteness, though. So before you fly off the handle with your presumption of meta-super rational educated intelligence or its partner “human equality”, maybe step back and consider how you might just be presenting yourself in the character of complete idiot.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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