Human Migration


I was doing some research for a school assignment and I realized that there is no organization that deals in human migration as a thing that humans do.

There are a few immigration centers of like the U.N. or of various countries, but that tells me that no one is really understanding the movement of human beings across the globe as something that human beings actually do.

It seems we have are various countries analyzing how people come into their various countries as though human beings naturally are supposed to stay in place now.

Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

It struck me just how naive and small minded we are in our manner of looking and appreciating what the human being actually is. Our problems could be based still in a tribal sense of mythological propriety which lives in constant denial of its own world.

I hope to be part of a group of people who are involved in the attempt to actually see the human being, what it does and what it is.


Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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