Exploring the Construct of Thought: The Shift in the Blog.

Some of you may have noticed a tiny change in the appearance of this blog. The lead-line is now : Exploring the Construct of Thought.  I was considering changing the name of my site, but I think we are still in the Hacking phase.  What has changed though is the tactical approach. counseling-philosophy

I am a philosopher.  New forms of my life have allowed me to go back to school. I was thinking about jumping in full and doing the philosophy thing, be a Master of Philosophy, the PhD. But then I also did a cost benefit analysis:

How much effort would it take?

How much change could I effect?

and I am kinda old.

How much money would I make?

Right off, I can’t imagine all the BS an aspiring philosopher would have to take before even beginning to have any sort of pay off, and at my age, I would probably be about 157 years old by the time I would see any returns in any area.

Also, the return on philosophy as a career is negligible. I mean, I am rather non-=conventional anyways and my general opinion of the position of philosophy is pretty low for our time: I am not sure 99% of employed philosophers are really contributing anything useful to our current state. So, in short, I would have to confront and eventually compete with an overwhelming set of established big-head blow-horn pompous professors (exaggeration and overgeneralization? Lol) who’s contribution is hugely inflated before I would begin to be even able to offer anything at all. And during all this having to put up with such non-sense, forsaking my family and getting paid nothing.

So, no career philosophy.  At least right now; in the long term after I have some experience in the field, I hope to move over into a philosophy of counseling rather than psychology or psychiatry, which I think misses many things in its focused surety of method.

And besides, I already do philosophy and I already have a sound philosophical position. My dilemma thus is what the best way to position myself so that others will be able to hear and view my contribution: what is the best way to be effective?

And, to boot: I am less interested heady intellectualist theoretical creative constructions and debate for the sake of debate than I am in the actuality of people and what they do.

I am to be a counselor.

So here we go!!

Though it may not be noticeable, I am gong to begin to post about my studies and my ideas around counseling. I think this move is more significant that merely developing  convetional philosophical posture.

This is a Hack into conventional philosophical reality.

To enter this strange philosophical shift, to see why where philosophy begins to be taken in a new direction

The Philosophical Hack

is on sale now. Bite sized for you dining pleasure!

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

3 thoughts on “Exploring the Construct of Thought: The Shift in the Blog.”

  1. PhD work is overrated. It’s just a vanity project at this point. True, there are benefits of being educated with proper scholars so as to not be way lost in outer space in one’s interpretations, and there is the joy of having the reading lists, however cramped, in touring through a litany of texts, but the C/B analysis does suck for humanities students. Take that from someone who has a BA in economics too!

    Take myself, for example; while a student I do not complain of my small senior contributorship which I’m paid to do monthly or my freelancing, some which is paid, some of which is not paid. I have doubts about doing a PhD., though I will likely send apps though remain undecided if I’ll pursue. I’m finishing another M.A. with another thesis; I have multiple peer reviewed articles under my name on top of all my misc. writings. Here’s the reality though, except for the Germans with the university system, the history of philosophy has been non-PhDs exploring the major questions of the world, life, politics, and history. Even in PhD classes we read guys who were incredibly smart and insightful even though they didn’t have PhD next to there name. A PhD has its benefits to be sure, but philosophy has been an exclusive yet inclusive club. Exclusive to serious thinkers. Inclusive to include people who didn’t need “qualifications” to be taken seriously. Hey, some prominent philosophers today, like Badiou, not saying I agree with him, don’t have a PhD!

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    1. Thanks for that. Part of my obsession I think is how I ended up here. Lol. And I think some of it has to do with philosophy!! Who’d a thunk it.

      I mean there’s just too much philosophy going on when I think about how I got here. But but one of them is definitely that there’s been a sort of inconsistency of myself and being in general.
      So I think that kind Of lends itself to counseling more than it does to philosophy.

      See; because I probably would’ve been an academic if I didn’t have this strange Situation going on that is ultimately me in the world. Lol

      Also, in my just beginning on this masters plan (The end of which will find me wearing my robes in As my regular every day attire, and requiring everyone to call me “master Lance” with an English accent) I am seeing that my philosophy actually carries over into a sort of critique of counseling Theory in general.

      But I am being patient and open right now so as to not come to two quick a judgment.


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