A Basis or Manner of Discernment for the Two Routes: Either/Or.

Review: Either/Or

Review: Either/Or
— Read on lotzintranslation.com/2019/02/28/review-either-or/

My comment:

I think his central point is that there is no choice to be made. That A and B, as there may be a perception of either/or, amounts to a false choice, A manner of being a particularly “inauthentic” individual, not universal, or in denial of existence. The authenticity is found in the absurd notion that there is no choice to be had. The Two Routes – Which by the way are not equivalent to A and B and Kierkegaard’s either/or – outline the specific parameters of K’s absurdity, and thus the full acceptance of one’s existence as a universal mandate. Which is to say the ridiculousness of such an ideal as it might call for a willful belief or opinion upon the matter.





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