5 g phone. Addiction says: just give me the uncut dope. (Cathartic vent.)

Just draw that shit up and stick it right in my vain right now. that’s what I want. Rock that shit up stick it in my pipe and let me boil my lips until I have blisters all over them with that shit. I don’t even care. Crunch that shit up, smash it up, cut me out a line and let me fill my nostrils and anus with it.

I don’t give a shit why the 5G phone is better but you better give it to me fucking right now because I need that shit more than I need anything else. Let it fill all my holes.

Addiction. How does that feel? Is anyone offended? Is anyone entertained? Is anyone worried? does anyone even think about it?

I think I’m going to start calling them stupid idiot phones; anyone with me? Or better yet fuck you phones. Every time we go to refer to any phone, whether it be your own phone or someone else’s, whenever you have to say or use the word “phone”, instead say “fuck you stupid idiot”.

Like when you’re hanging out with your friends and your phone is on the table over there and it starts ringing can you say “hey man, give me that fuck you stupid idiot phone”. It just seems a lot more honest that way.

Let’s do it.


I definitely have the minority opinion here:

So what?

Who cares? Who is caring?

Are you caring?


(silence fills the globe). No answer.

I think my attitude really resonates with how Kierkegaard put it: where is everyone going so fast?

I must be sane.

I wouldn’t say I would go all the way back to blackberry days. But I would say that my iPhone three was just fine (except that I hate Apple now). So I’m good with this 4G phone whatever the hell it’s called (I don’t even care and I don’t even know what the hell my phone is I just know it’s shitty Apple). 🐨


So, that was just a rant. There’s very little philosophy in it and I’ll do my philosophy around it another time and another areas.

God, I can’t wait….🐥

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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