7 thoughts on “APPLE = RELIGION”

    1. Apple sold me a defective computer. And wants me to pay to fix it. Tim Cook himself enforces the decision. So I’m quitting all things Apple (to the best of my ability ) as well mildly spreading negative propaganda. I’m even gonna write off the cost of the computer as a donation to Apple $1600.

      I’m pissed. I was deciding between buying a $500 Dell or HP. And I decided on the app or against my Gut. And then throughout the course of events found out something was wrong with it and took it into them and they basically are telling me that I’m lying and that I did something to the computer and so I have to pay for the defect.

      One really comes upon their impotency when confronted with such dismissing power.

      1. I know. I’ve seen your emails and rants! :p

        But I’m a hypocrite when it comes to technology. I’m paranoid about the coming reality of transhumanism and we’re going to be obliterated by technology. Now, I obviously benefit from technology and rely on it as a writer, speaker, and publisher! :p

        I’ve been an HP user, though I admit I still have a macbook. But Apple, or technology more generally, has become our god!

      2. Yeah. I still have my trusty 10year old Mac book pro. And a dell desk. About 5 years. They both run perfect. And my iPhone.

        So the new computer I just bought I’m basically going to put back in its box and let it sit in my closet and tell like aliens come down and need a computer.

        But when it’s time to get a new phone I’m not getting her iPhone.

        And I’m not using iTunes and I’m doing everything I can to disengage from the Apple platform.😄

        I’m not worried about technology. As you may have seen in my book, Technology is just the condition of our existence right now. There’s always some form of over arcing ideological power that people are invested in.

        But all that very aside, I figure that the people that are in power of technology should be responsive ethically to their humanity, rather than their privilege.

        The assumption of Apple is that because I don’t make as much money as the CEOs that I’m automatically worthy of not being trusted.

        It is “whiteness“. If you might have seen some of my post about whiteness.

        It is white people looking down upon the rest of the world through the lens that they have been specially endowed with power and that everyone who is not the same of them is worthy of miss trust, and at that justified by the mechanisms of knowledge, and what is knowledge, which is to say: technology.

        At least that’s my hardly thought out of ideaX

        At roots I really thought of talking to the head of the technical support thing would yield me at least him paying half the cost. Because the only thought that I have is that I didn’t open the computer jump onto it right when I got it noticed that there was a error signal and then take it back to them to have it being fixed. That’s the only fault that I bear in this. The assumption on their part is that something is wrong with me because I didn’t eagerly jump into my new computer and see if something is wrong and then take it back to them to get it fixed. I hate computers and so when I saw the error I figured it was like my PC where I could at some point in time go in there and mess with my USB ports. And so it was like five or six months before I even opened my computer again to use it because I was using my other computers.

        It really is nonsense and it is caused in me such hatred; it really bothers me.

        But I’m mostly over it now. Lol. Now I’m just going to post a small expression of propaganda once per day. 🤘🏾

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