The issue at Hand: A manner of two routes.

“…philosophically speaking; One of the issues of philosophy of the past 200 years I would say, is the experience that you seem to be grappling with. And particularly I mean the experience of having some sort of awareness or understanding or “experience“ in a general sense, some sort of revelation or view, Some sort of way of seeing that has impacted the individual in such a way that it is incontrovertible. It impacts ones being, for a word, it’s such a way that it is (1) almost impossible to know it is not true,and (2) seems to have a truth that is different than what is been come upon in the world or explained in various places.

Very simplistic and conventional way of putting this is the difference between subjective experience in objective experience, but we shouldn’t settle to definitely on these two terms except in as much as we can generalize to say that what I’m talking about right here can correlate with those two terms.

…this kind of experience, what people at various times have described as an “ineffable” experience, and indeed many religious thinkers have referred to this kind of knowing this kind of strange situation that we find ourselves in as having something to do with God or the nature of God. But again, I don’t think we necessarily have to fall into that kind of speaking about it either.

Nevertheless, the situation that i find is that as I go to speak about it I find myself pausing, I find myself stumbling and hesitating on tthe words that I use, or am wanting to use to describe it. This hesitation comes about as I realize that the words that I want to use or that words that I almost use to describe the situation have a different meaning now that I’m actually going to say them out loud to someone else. It is in this moment that I come upon the problem. Because I have a choice to make in this moment: I can search the world around and look for a discourse that fits best or uses terms that are closest to the terms that I was going to use, or I can abstain from the attempt to put it into words and instead go about describing the situation that I find myself in in abstaining from the attempt to find the right words.

Because I think this evidence is two kinds of people. The people that would come upon this experience and then search the World for discourses that already exist that most closely match to the words that they were going to use, And then those people that realize that if they do not abstain but then attempt to come up with their own discourse, eventually they will have set in motion a discourse in the world that Well then join all the multitudes of other discourses that the former kind of people will get to choose from.

And another issue with this has to do with whether or not the discourse that I abstain from establishing as well as the multitudes of discourses have any basis in truth or in reality as opposed to or better than any other discourse .”






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