The beginning and the end.

I just posted that post about the essay on Jaques Derrida.

And my mind started to go, and I thought about myself and my essays and books.

People have told me all through my intellectual life that one of the problems of me is that I tend to talk what I’m thinking of. Like, if there’s a situation to be decided upon or if there something for me to consider, I tend to talk out loud to people while my mental process is going. This as opposed to taking whatever amount of time processing it in my brain silently and then telling people about the end product, or my idea about the thing. Lol. At least that’s been a theme that more than a few people have told me about myself throughout my life. So must be something that I do at certain times, because it’s not to say that I don’t think about things and then come to a conclusion but nevertheless…

I was thinking about my essays and books. I think one of the problems with my essays in my books is that I do not for the most part take people through the whole process, but instead assume that they have contemplated things up to a certain point where there is a particular issue that appears obvious to me and then I start to comment. So my books and essays generally are more kind of how people think and act in general, where as how I think and act are more like a lot of peoples essays.

Most people think silently, but write out loud, or transparently. Whereas, perhaps, I think out loud, transparently, and I write “silently”, which is to say, begin after I have thought about it, as a style of writing anyways, such that I write about “the end”.


But I do write in a way, I Hope, that gives a good summary of the points I am commenting upon. Even as I might not recapitulate the step by step process of coming to those points.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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