The Philosophical Hack: The First Part. On Sale Now !


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This is the First Part of a Six part series by Cedric Nathaniel.

Using Slavoj Zizek’s book “EVENT” as a platform, this essay is a hack into conventional philosophical reality.

It is indeed a hack: A repeated application of an algorithmic protocal upon a closed system. What is this closed system? Through the compromises developed through the Hack the closed system is defined while simultanously creating an opening to that situation many currently see as unescapable, which is to say, immenently and infinitely contained.  As part of this endeavor, the beginnings of a science of philosophy is thus put forth.

Mr. Nathaniel feels that philosophy which concerns the world should be able to be accessed by it. He thus opted to give readers bite-sized pieces to be able to enjoy and digest well.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

7 thoughts on “The Philosophical Hack: The First Part. On Sale Now !”

    1. I could send you the PDF if you want. Or you can spend the six or seven dollars for an actual book.

      I’ll just warn you it doesn’t really get into that part about Adorno and stuff probably until about part five so. 😄

      But I am painting a picture so I don’t know if it’ll make much sense to only read that small part, because if we were to get into a sketch in about it I would say well you need to read part two and three or whatever. So let me know either way or don’t let me know or let me know when you think about it or when you can . it’s all good


    2. Got it. Deleted. I’ll send it over later today.

      It’s definitely not a rigorous piece of philosophy in the sense that you are probably used to, I would imagine. Just from my assessment of your blog posts.

      But somehow I think it is significant.

      I will enjoy your feedback on it. That is, unless it is so great that it leaves you speechless. 🙊


      1. ipso facto means by “the fact of” and de facto means “by fact of” too; ipso facto is a Latin phrase dealing with logic, because something is X, ipso facto, it is X; de facto is a juridical phrase that contrasts with de jure (by law). De facto would be used in a political or legal context and ipso facto in a logical or philosophical context. I briefly scanned through the PDF. I should be able to read some of it in February so thanks for the email. 😉


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