Very suspicious: ‘The Voice’ finale: The season 15 winner is… – CNN

‘The Voice’ finale: The season 15 winner is… – CNN
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Oh me hella forked spoon.

OK. So I watch the Voice sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with talented people or enjoying talented people, or shows that showcase talent.

But I watched the most of the finale of the season- I couldn’t watch the whole thing it was like two hours long. But I watched the first two performances of all four of the final contestants.

And the results of the competition is what I’m commenting on here.

I don’t remember all their names, so I’m just going to refer to them by what appears to me as “black female”, “white female”, “black male”, “white male”.

Wait … what?

Do you mean to tell me that the final four contestants of the Voice represented not only a pair from both sexes (we won’t get into the fact that there are no trans people who won or gender neutral), But also representative members of the usual parameters of racial discussion, at least in the US, that is, black and white people?

Now, where my mind goes while I was watching this show is I was wondering if it is rigged in as much as the judges are briefed by the music industry as to what is selling, what could sell, holes in the marketplace, etc..

But now that we found the winners, I’m wondering if it’s actually rig in an even larger sense..

Now, before I get to who the winners are if you don’t already know, I got to say that three of these contestants were fucking amazing. And one of the contestants just kind of fit into a particular musical genre style and wasn’t particularly amazing in my ears.

There is no doubt that at least three these people have lifetime career in going forth.

I’m just commenting on the results and how this seems suspiciously obviously made to order for the viewing public.

The two women contestants, one white and one black, are both 14 years old. And they both had incredible voices, their singing performances were spot on, immaculate, it was astounding to realize that the yearsare 14-year-old young women that are being able to sing at such an incredible level of quality.

What I observed of the performances between the Black and the white young women, how they presented themselves on stage, which is to say their stage presence, what is that the black girl was flawless. She is already performing at or above professional level. And the white girl stage presence which was much more stiff and it look like she wasn’t totally relaxed.

(there is a sort of cultural analysis in there also, based on the kind a stereotype that white people have a stick up their ass and black people just more naturally move as the spirit arises)

So my opinion was that one of these two young women should have won, and, but, I think it is interesting that the young white girl actually won.

Now what surprises me the most is that the black girl came in fourth, which is to say last place. I wonder if it is because the voting audience thought that she was just so incredible that she didn’t need to win it, that she is already got a career made even without winning this competition. But still…

And here is what really locks it in for me that either the show is rigged or we have a great example of how the voting Audience is mind controlled. Lol

The white dude came in second. Now, I’m sorry, but this guy is just a really good Americana singer. There is nothing special about his voice, where his ability to sing really except that he sounds exactly like the genre hes already in. So perhaps people were voting more about how well each contestant fit for that particular genre that they’re singing in.

But overall I think it is damn indicting of the audience of the Voice, that the two white people won and the two black people got in second.

In my mind it should’ve been one of the two women who got in first and second, and then the black dude, and then the white dude.

But hey, who the fuck am I?

There’s a lot of Americana music lovers out there. So, I guess it’s just a big HS talent show.





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