Catherine Malabou: Is Science the Subject of Philosophy?

Catherine Malabou: Is Science the Subject of Philosophy?
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Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

6 thoughts on “Catherine Malabou: Is Science the Subject of Philosophy?”

  1. … oh, and I think that traditional Western philosophy itself is based on a deficit model of finding truth. And so typically what people do is they react to that kind of implicit model of rationality and they come to their own rationality of all sorts of crazy spiritual ideas and stuff, so there’s a rift going on right there also.

    So my work is an attempt to kind of bring together these reactionary kind of political positions of truth.


  2. I should probably attend this since I’m in London! Lol. xD

    And the most obvious answer to the question is: Yes. Since “science” is nothing more than the now fancied outgrowth of what used to be called natural philosophy. If she says anything else than Dr. Malabou is wrong!


    1. Excellent! I do feel that part of the problem with much of 20th-century philosophy stems out of the rift that group between philosophy and science.

      I’m studying to be a counselor and so I’m learned a little bit of the history of psychology and counseling and such. And I never really was very clear, even though now I’m only slightly more clear, where psychology and psychiatry came from. But I knew there was some sort of relationship between philosophy and then psychology, like some root master something.

      And even though I probably knew it I never really thought about how fried was actually a neurologist. And so it was interesting for me to see how psychiatry and psychology and social work and generally our historical idea of what counselors are, so far his psychology and staff, grew out of the idea that the psyche is a manifestation of the brain. So psychology, and numerology was the idea that things that are wrong with people reflect something wrong with the brain.

      Perhaps one day I will do some research for a steady into exactly where this rift or how this rift developed out of thinkers.

      Because what I enjoy about counseling as a program, as a vocation a particular profession, is that it distinguishes itself from psychology and psychiatry and social work counseling in so much as it doesn’t stem out of the disease concepts of the psyche. It’s what I’m calling asset based, as opposed to deficit.

      Even though counselors definitely have to know how to diagnose mental health, we choose the call ourselves mental health practitioners rather than psychologist or whatever, even though psychology is also part of what we do.

      It definitely stands out of a Maslow and Rogers paradigm of the psyche as a complete manifestation of development , rather than a form which has an ideal health which then can be diagnosed or determined along its vectors of illness or deformity.

      So it is interesting that Malibu talks about plasticity and tries to bring a girl and reunite neurology with philosophy because that’s what I’m working on and that’s what I will be working on.

      My first book was to define the exceptional manifestation that develops out of overcoming the rift with out philosophical or scientific step by step vectoring; My second book was to describe the manifestation of the rift itself, how it actually manifest in types of consciousness says; am I third book which I’m just about done with edits, is about describing a philosophical basis Which actually describes the rift itself.

      Tho I don’t agree entirely with wet Malibu says, I do appreciate that she’s working on trying to re-join what has been put asunder, so to speak.

      She approaches it from pure philosophical – standpoint standpoint, whereas I tend to approach it from a less theoretical reason standpoint and more and incorporation of reason into actual experience.

      So I hope you can get there and it be interesting to hear your report and what you got out of it.



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