‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek
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i love at about 20 mints in, Zizek repeats his running narrative which is able to change the past: The artist’s work is more complete as i view it, the author does not know completly what thier art means, and indeed the context in which a work of art is made does not contain the keys to its truth or knowledge of its meaning.

so good.

And i add: This is less a postmodern agent presentism than it is a description of the psychoanalytical field in which we reaide at all times.

Then at :24. —

The philosophical revolution occur is exactly when you overcome the alienation.

And this is exactly why I have said in my previous books that revolution is already occurred, it’s just been missed. And so we can move to say that what is the political realm is that room which is always missing the significance of itself; Capitalism, in its fullness, is always missing the significance of itself and using the excess that is developed by the hole, so to speak, to retain a world for the reality which is alienation itself.

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My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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