Deficit Democracy: Progressives act like they are in an abusive relationship…

Progressives act like they are in an abusive relationship…
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Every piece of political news confirms to me that human beings – or at least our modern current political human beings – are morons.

That’s my favorite word for ‘the group’ of people right now: People are just morons.

And the thing is, there’s nothing I can do or say to change it Becuase they all have their reasons and justifications.

So, maybe it’s just people who run for public office trade in being intelligent and the security of having integrity for the role of power and money, but under the justification of being a ‘public servant’. ? Maybe ‘public servants’ (American politicians) thus are de facto morons.

Maybe the way to deal with this is we just have a certain patronizing respect for people who are morons, and pat thier heads and send them off to their ‘public serving’ and have a para-professional follow them around.

(No sleight on those children and people who do need paras; our government officials act like they need a nurse-maid at all times. Further insulting everyone with their constant call to accommodate thier needs. Are they really that ignorant ? It’s difficult to fathom.)

Maybe that’s the better way to view politics: let the children play government?

Maybe if we treat our politicians how they are actually behaving. A little smile; nodding our head; “yes, dear..I’m sure its very very important”.

Maybe They do not reflect us. Maybe they’re just playing thier game. Maybe the money and power do not actually reflect upon us as persons Becuase by their very moronic view, they, as a group, will indeed try for what is ‘best’ Becuase thats what thier little idiot brains tell them is true.

Maybe it’s not much an abusive relationship as it is kids on a playground.

Who knows.

Uh! So frustrating this ‘adult’ reality. People are just plain stupid. Do they know?

How can they not know? That what gets me. How do these people not see that they are acting like idiots?

That’s a rhetorical question.

How do you do it?

Maybe we just realize that if someone is a politician that, not they are lying necessarily, but that they are unable to enact intelligence.

Like, if they use the word ‘integrity’ or ‘justice’ we just look at them and think “yes dear; integrity. Ooo.. justice. Good words dear. Big words! …. Mommy and daddy love you. Can you spell it? Good boy! Oh yes. Now… run of and play ‘important man’. Yes mommy loves you… you can do it!”

Thats totally what I think of our government right now. And really, most of America.

Everyone sing our new modern American Anthem: 🎶🎵🎶

Ameeer-ica fulled with low intelligence of inspired religious centrality.

Politicians so prim and proper arguing over nonsense of the rich to appear of substance.

The suits and talking puppets are empty headed morons

Our governmental system is filled with children!

We wish intelligence were a criteria for being a public servant!

Politicians politicians

We can’t live with them and we can’t dress them up in skimpy Nazi uniforms and ‘exterminate’ them in bubblegum oxygenated ‘death camps’ of snowcone syrup!

So let’s just pat thier heads, tell them mommy loves them

And get on with things that matter and make sense!

Ahh. I feel so patriotic!

Ok. I’m done with politics for good Except maybe social justice stuff

– wait! That’s political!

Oh no! I’m doomed! I’m a moron!


Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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