It’s really gonna suck when society collapses…

It seems we have been crying wolf for too long; now No one believes it when scientists actually give us a time line.

Everyone I’ve talked to says “yeah, right. They’ve been saying that for years. Conspiracy theorists, that’s all it is”

If we haven’t so far, now we’re gonna have to work 10x as hard to get even people who have agreed with climate change to believe this one. It’s gonna have to be some Huge PR campaign to change minds now.

Personally, I don’t think we are going to be able to.


But it will be interesting when all the people from the coasts start storming the middle of the continent. Unfortunately, Seems I might have to get a gun and learn how to use it well.

All the kids are anxious and depressed? Just wait till the coasts flood, and we have famine and drought on a massive scale. Or infrastructure and the internet failing. My kid can handle barely anything right now; what’s gonna happen when I tell her “start shooting and run for your life!!!” ?? Shit! What’s gonna happen when I have to kill hundreds of people who are trying to kill me and my family Becuase I live in the middle of the continent already??

Will I be able to slit someone’s throat for a handful of dandinion leaves Becuase that’s all there is to eat? Or a cup of clean water? Will I be able to shoot down, say 50 people, including children, Becuase there’s not enough water?

Damn. That sounds just shitty. I hope I die in the beginning of all this bs.

That plain sucks. Who should I be mad at? That’s what I want to know. Who’s to blame? Let me go cuss at them.

And damn. Think about all the people who are strung out in hard drugs. Wtf are they gonna do? You think there’s gonna be treatment centers for their sad asses?

Dude. We’re gonna be really screwed. I guess the Mormons and the Preppers were right.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

2 thoughts on “It’s really gonna suck when society collapses…”

  1. I think that Americans are not as balkanized as the media represents. Who really gains from estrangement, separation and atomization from one another, to the point of Mad Max or the horrors of a civil war? Isn’t this just the neoliberal model writ large? Isn’t this the classic go to of power to stir up a contention between the peasants so the aristocracy can grab the spoils?

    Whatever happens, we all have to resist fear.
    The only way to get out of fear is to put on compassion, and that means suffering.

    Its anecdotal evidence so take it or leave it, but consider my immediate neighbors: there is a Trump-supporting Vietnam vet, a liberal lesbian couple, and I am white and my next door neighbor is black. Those differences may have concreteness, but they are also labels to map up and objectify us and place us in little niches. It short-circuits when the Trump guy constantly brings the liberal lesbian couple food from the garden, and they return the favor. Where is that in the media representation? Nowhere. Or when a massive blizzard kicks in, no one is giving a hoot about someone else’s ideological framing when their car is stuck in the driveway and they’re already late for work. Logically I know that there are people out there that will unavoidably take advantage of others, but there are just as many people who would do the opposite. The poet Saul Williams said it best, “The best of us Americans haven’t been born yet.” I like his optimism.

    Compassion comes from two latin words that translate as “to suffer with…”

    Environmental catastrophe seems inevitable. Because people live in the bubbles of spectacle, it will seem to come out of nowhere for them – the Real. Panic is inevitable and so are squabbles. But maybe collapse won’t cause fratricide? Catastrophes can often produce an act of the universal. When massive flooding happened in Katrina it was the Cajun Navy (you know, all those people the coastal liberals call ‘dumb rednecks’ as a crude convenience) and other regular citizens who helped get people out of the disaster zones. Just recently with the volcanoes in Hawaii that destroyed entire neighbors, the local communities (seeing the government sitting on its hands again), came together and built structures and houses for those who were displaced. Along with the great equalizer of death, suffering is the universal. Everyone knows what it is regardless of who they are or where they come from.

    Collapse will be a torrent of suffering. Maybe it is the thing that will bring us together more than any half-witted political slogan or flag could ever do.

    Maybe it will reveal things to people. Maybe it will make all hearts lay bear…

    Maybe the Saints were right – Why is there suffering? To teach us to Love.

    1. You put it so well. You give body to the idea that’s just been kind of tumbling around in my head, sort of.

      That humanity isn’t going to cause it’s own extinction, nor is civilization going to collapse.

      There may be setbacks, there may be bottlenecks, there may be difficulties. But yes: overall people just love the freak out and extrapolate their own fear into fantasies of dog eat dog.

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