Next Generation of justice.

Hopefully the old geezers still in Congress of a by-gone tradition of paternalistic innocence, both men and women, will be aged out of office over the next 5-15 years and such anachronistic blindness as a governing mandate will move out of our government. Hopefully the younger ignorance will have less influence.

They simply are unable to see that their ‘neutral facts’ weigh unevenly toward men. There is no arguing this with them, they are totally unable to move or see beyond their ontological myopia. This is not an intelligence or education thing, it is a time thing, a brain thing.

So we will attempt to hold down the fort to the never ending on slot of ignorance and bias, and hopefully the next generation will see our flaws and be able to bring in justice as a way of life.

Of course, people will have to play politics, but perhaps blatant ignorance will not be running the show.






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