A Pro-Bono Offer To Teach Brett Stephens Some Epistemology- and some further commentary by me.

A Pro-Bono Offer To Teach Brett Stephens Some Epistemology

A Pro-Bono Offer To Teach Brett Stephens Some Epistemology
— Read on samirchopra.com/2018/09/29/a-pro-bono-offer-to-teach-brett-stephens-some-epistemology/

I love professor Chopras approach.

And I just wanted to add my last two cents about this political tropical depression.

Particularly about the “I believe you”. In reference to the reporters article which claims that at best anyone can only “want “to believe” Cavanagh or Ford and the two other women.

For one, I think the reporters opinion is based in a common unilateral space of fact. Indeed, this is what law assume it’s in a CourtRoom and as a guiding principle for our democracy, but the point of a quart room is to make an argument and that has only sometimes to do with fact.

Granted that the Cavanagh hearing is not a court case; as all the senators keep repeating, it is a job interview.

And this seems to me to only argue more towards believing the women. Btw given what we know about hiring practices probably throughout the world.

My point is more in line with what people of color understand and what women understand, that is exceedingly difficult for a white male to understand.

And that is our very system of justice is based on the idea that if you are white and if you are male then you have the benefit of the doubt. If you are a person of color and you happen to be female or anything else besides male, then you are immediately under suspicion if you challenge with a white man might say given a question of facts.

And so I say to this reporter, the very fact that you think I only have a capacity to want to believe shows that you were arguing for the status quo and you were really having no critical self reflection upon the situation, and I might even go so far as to say that you are naïve and ignorant, and you are exactly the type of person we are trying to Educate.

Regardless of what this reporter or anyone else wants to argue I am not wanting to believe these women. At some point in my experience I just had to admit that I would say the 2/3 of the women that I have been friends with him and lovers with, but at least known and been friends with at such a capacity to open up a trusting discourse, are not lying to me and do not have an agenda of telling me that they have been abused.

I remember when I was about 25 years old when I realized that most of the young women that I knew had been abused by someone. And I am not exceptional or from some like lower class marginalized poor community or drug or whatever you would want to say that with stereotype my opinion or Peg me into a reason why I would have this low opinion of men in power.

I am from upper middle-class neighborhood of generally slightly more than multicultural area of LA then probably most of middle America or even white Washington.

Let me say that again and if there any women who are following my blog perhaps you could comment: most of my friends most of my female friends had been abused or taken advantage of in someway by boys and men.

So it is difficult for me to believe that Ford is lying or have some sort of misrepresentation of truth in her brain and her being. And is it it is exceedingly more difficult to believe that Brett Cavanagh is being totally honest with us.

And personally, judging only from what I seen in these past few weeks, and actually giving a benefit of doubt as to the credibility of the accusations, not weighing to either side, I think that Brett Cavanagh, while a good man all and all, is a power-hungry and self righteous white man of huge privilege. He could’ve approach this in a completely different manner and no one’s lives would’ve been disrupted. He wanted to make a point about the system that he sold his soul into and that how he is justified in a small myopic vision of the world. While I have sympathy for him as a man, as a white man, and as a human being, the emotional turmoil that he’s going through, I think he is the one with the agenda and not the women. And I think generally speaking the Democrats only have an agenda in so much as the Republicans presently a representing an ideology which is anachronistic and basically harmful to our citizens.

I do not want a judge on our highest court to be representative of boys club mentality. I am sure that Brett Cavanagh did with these women say. This is not a believe so much as Is it a statement of experience.

This reporter wants to know, or wants to believe.

I simply believe The women.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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