Classical music: An idea for recording.

I love classical music.

and I would say I probably enjoy can 2/3 of the music that is available to me over the radio or in general online stuff actually. I am able, that is enjoy Most music, but I don’t really seek out new music though very often, to be honest. I make new music, but I don’t often seek it out; it usually finds me.


Anyone who enjoys classical music and probably most people who don’t listen to classical music, recognize the typical signature way that classical music sounds on any recording you ever hear: it sounds like you’re listening to it in a pristine concert hall.

And I get it. An Orchestra is made up of many people playing one part. I don’t know what the exact count is, but for example you might have three violin parts and have two or three people playing on each of those parts. As well for all the other instruments, except maybe, I don’t know, a tuba, or maybe specific percussion instruments, or maybe a bassoon or something but I feel like there are often more than one of those players also.

Again I’m not totally sure, but I believe this is the case for the purpose of having the instruments being heard. Like, you need more than one violin in order to be able to project that line of music out into the audience sufficiently so It can be heard.

And even with small chamber groups in general it sounds like they’re sitting on stage in a sound hall. I mean that’s pretty much the way that you record classical music even if it’s not recorded in the hall, is to add reverb to it so it sounds like it is.

So, maybe this is not a new idea.

Nowadays we have a great ability to record anything well.

So I’m thinking about the different ways that people record, say, rock music or pop music. We don’t hear the same types of approaches to recording all the time.

I mean for sure there is a standardization for genres and if you listen to the popular music stations that’s why all the music that’s played on the various music stations pretty much sounds the same: if you listen to the hard rock station all the sounds all the songs have the same production timbre. If you listen to the rap music stations all the songs sound the same. All the classic rock songs have been remastered to the same standard and they all sound like classic rock. Etc..

If you listen to the Jazz Station at all sounds like jazz recording. And so with classical music to.

But if you listen to independent labels or are you listen to music that’s made for sound cloud or all these kind of not institutionalized industry productions, Everyone has got a different way to produce the sound that they’re making, and I got to say that the idea of a standardized industrial way that you’re supposed to produce various genres of music does not equate to better sounding productions. Ideally it may be the “best” way to record things, that is scientifically or from an engineering standpoint, but it doesn’t mean that it sounds “the best”.

But then again I like hearing different things. I think most people just want to hear the same thing over and over again so, there’s that.

OK… so what I’m getting at is I think it would be cool if we took one part, one instrument for each part of an orchestra and play whatever orchestra song, like I don’t know Beethoven’s ninth or something or the Peer Gynt Suite. And have one instrument per part recorded with one microphone per instrument, or at least that one instrument in isolation however microphone many microphones you might want to use.

And then have the producer put it together.

I think that would be a new and interesting way to hear classical music.

So if any of you reading out there knows anyone who plays classical music or as a conductor or is a recorder or has anything to do with classical music, please circulate this idea because I don’t know who to contact to give this idea to, know if anyone would be into it, and nor do I have the money or the resources or the time to in active myself.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

10 thoughts on “Classical music: An idea for recording.”

  1. Bit difficult to isolate the individual sounds though…and the complicated acoustics of the room is a big part of the sound of any orchestral recording. Still if you could get individual stems for the instruments it would be great to have a go at mixing them!


    1. Classical music is so…classical. So traditional in its presentation. Composers and instrumentalists have experimented with the writing and playing of music, experimentation with how recording and production is done would bring it up into the 21st century.

      One person playing per instrument; one at a time. Mix in post production. Would be a whole new approach and a whole new ability to interpret the music. Whole new kind of being a composer, musician, producer.


      1. Ah- I meant. One person per part, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. … instead of two or three on a part. And then plying the part alone in a studio. Or perhaps with just their section. In different rooms… the variety and potential is endless. And no doubt would yield a different type of sound to the pieces.

        Could ad different type of reverb. Make it sound like the orchestra is in your living room. Or a canyon. ..Could add Effects to individual parts. …So much possibility.


      2. We sort of have this now actually … Virtual instrument are alarmingly good. So perhaps what you’re thinking about is basically here already


      3. Ah. Of course . I forgot about that.
        But still. 🤙🏿 …

        I was thinking will be interesting also to randomly change parts. For example have the trumpet players play the violin parts and have the clarinets play the trombone parts and the flute play the contra-bass …etc…And of course accommodate for each instrument the various parts and their ranges etc.

        😄. Now that I think would be interesting.


  2. I’m pretty sure orchestral pieces are recorded with multiple microphones and a huge mixing soundboard. It would be interesting however to be able to play being producer and bring certain sections to the front. Perhaps the next digital format will be multi-layered and software will be available to simulate the producers slide controls. I certainly know a few recordings where I would love to rescue one section of the orchestra from the obscurity of the mix. Chris


    1. Yeah. I figure we have the ability now to do all sorts of interesting things with music production and recording. One would be Why not have one person on each part. Recorded separately. Then mixed together in the studio.


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