25 thoughts on “In Life…”

    1. Sure it may be a concept and an opinion, but it’s definitely one that describes a certain situation, One that I think is kind of boring at times.

      I mean if you think about say the Christian God and then those prophets that have the visions and stuff and in revelation and a Z Keel may be in the Old Testament prophets. The epitome or the goal I imagine in Christianity is too, what, re-join with God or something.
      So while I am not a Christian I was raised Christian. And so there is something about growing in life that is Christian but I would not say that I believe anything. I don’t believe in Christianity and I don’t not believe in Christianity, I simply leave it as there is nothing about Christianity for there to believe or not to believe.

      And yet there are people that do believe.

      It may be a concept or an opinion or religion or something that’s false or something that’s true or psychological manifestation or whatever it is, there is something that obtains some sort of measure of being that is, say, within my field of experience that is Christian belief.

      And due to it being with in that field, being, I can’t also say that it is true or faults and really mean anything, beyond the sense that is being in acted by my having an opinion on it in this world whether I think it’s false or an illusion or whatever , it’s simply as part of the field that I call myself and then there is this other thing.

      So I wonder about these Christians that want to re-join with God or be saved or whatever , and I think about what heaven might be.

      And we have a pretty good image at least in the Bible of what this heaven might be. And not the vague images of just being saved and being at peace or whatever that might be but we have some pretty specific images that are actually part of the biblical lexicon.

      And what it is is like God sitting in the center of all existence and all the angels are surrounding him going “holy holy holy“, “ blessed is he”. Or whatever these repeated mantras of ultimate absolute blessedness and perfection.

      I mean if you think about that, existing that way, it’s pretty fucking boring.

      And I think of this in the context of me living life and I view these people around me, and I pretty much think that most people are idiots, but I do get along with most people pretty well and I do have an interest in their well-being and I want to help them etc. etc. but when it comes down to thinking about people in general I think most people are morons. I know it sounds contradictory. Lol

      Anyways when I think about these other people that have opinions that are different than mine or say for example people that like to jog in the city down the city streets in there nice jogging outfit and they’re running down the main street you know doing a 5 mile run or whatever for the day. And I can’t help but think why these people be doing this in the middle of town. ? Lol. If it was me I would run as far away from people as I possibly could and I mean for exercise, I wouldn’t be running down the middle of the street in the main part of town. And I live near Boulder Colorado so there’s plenty of trails to run on and places to not run or exercise in the middle of town. So anyways part of me wants to say like these people are morons and but then I have another thought that quickly accompanies it, which realizes that I could not have my shitty opinion upon these idiots unless they were actually doing that stuff. And in so much as I might feel that I am correct, because how else could I have an opinion that these people are morons if I didn’t think that they should be doing something that is less moronic or less idiotic. So I must have some sort of idea about myself that is or that I feel is somehow better or a better way of doing things or just a better way to be

      But then I realize or I think about it least that if that stupid person wasn’t there running across the street or running through the city in there jogging outfit doing their daily 5 mile run or whatever, then I would not have the opportunity to feel so good about how great I am and how stupid they are. Lol. ..

      Now, what I mean by this is not that I’m so great necessarily. But that if the stupid people didn’t exist then I would be able to live in the state of perfection that I think is so wonderful and great, and basically, perfect. And I think about how stupidly boring that would be. 😄

      1. 🌈But perhaps it’s not thinking. Perhaps it’s just doing?

        That’s why I’m asking what occurs or what from your end?

      2. Spitspots!

        You know I read the original book Mary Poppins after I saw the Tom Hanks movie about Walt Disney and the making of Mary Poppins.

        Have you ever read the original book?

        It’s really so much different than the movie it’s kind of funny how… Differently people viewed childhood in previous generations, I suppose.

      3. Oh.. but also I am interested and open to learning and so I really ask you questions in the spirit of learning what you might have to teach me. Even though I might make direct statements that appear that I don’t want to be taught. 😄

        … what? The author of Mary Poppins was a student of a person I don’t know who that person is?

      4. That is interesting. I think it might be interesting to you to watch the movie with Tom Hanks. It’s a good movie it’s a good heartfelt movie. And it is interesting the light in which they show the author.

      5. Thanks for the tip.
        I think it might be easier to communicate by phone on occasion. Sometimes this exchange of comments seems quite unwieldy. What do you think?

      6. I’m not much of a phone guy. But maybe At some point.

        Emails might be a better venue. Easier to keep straight.

        The comment threads can get tangled up. For sure. There is a guy Dave who has the blog Big Story Guide; Christian pastor I believe , with whom I had a conversation/debate with for some 4 years on here. We Still interact sometimes, say hi, but our debate kind of ended in a stalemate. Lol.

        And the threads got sometimes tangled. I eventually made a post just for the purpose of cleaning of the thread.

        emails maybe be nicer . If you d like.

      7. That might help some. Do you make your comments by speaking to a digital assistant? If so, I request you read them yourself to see if the assistant got it right.

      8. Yes. Voice dictation. Through the iPhone.

        Usually when I’m walking my dog. 😄. So. I apologeze. Often there are bad auto corrects.

      9. Hey but honestly…

        I’m not in the business of making fun of people’s beliefs just because I can use intellectual terminology and concepts and whatever particular manner.

        I have a friend from high school who I recently had become in contact with you was one of my best friends from high school.

        But he seriously Christian now. Seriously Christian to the point that believes that there are devils and demons in the world and dark forces

      10. … And that this world is actually dominated by evil forces of evil dark forces that are part of the government and society in general and these demons and spirits that are manifest through various people around him have cost him all sorts of problems in his life. and that this world is actually dominated by evil forces evil dark forces that are part of the government and society in general and these demons and spirits that are manifest through various people around him have cost him all sorts of problems in his life. He was homeless for a bit because of these demonic powers. He was actually a pastor for church for a while but then somehow things went to shit. And he lived in a drain pipe for many months at which time he got mold or fungus in his lungs and destroyed one of his lungs. So now he has to take medication for the rest of his life. And yet his doctors will not admit to him, he says, anything about fungus in his lungs. So he takes that as evidence that even the doctors in the hospital are in league with what he calls esoteric occult powers.

        so he just lays low and Christ now protects him from these powers.

        So, I tried to get into a discussion with him about philosophical things and or spiritual things because in high school we used to be philosophical buddies and smoke lots of weed etc..

        But as I try to discuss things with him and his life and my life and just try and catch up in and meet each other as human beings, I soon realized that there is no point in me trying to philosophically dissect his understanding of reality and the truth of things.

        So that being said, I don’t know if you’ve ever really thought about what the indication years of your posts.

        Because I am curious. But please don’t feel that you need to protect your ideas from my philosophical self righteousness. 🙂. Because I’m not that kind of person. 👨🏼‍🚀

    2. …ah, but thinking a little bit more about your question: i’m not sure it really has to do with concept or no concept.

      I suppose that’s why certain teachers use aphorisms or speak in parables in such a way to indicate. But still if there is no concept or there is some sort of state of being that is without concept then it is ultimately nothing. Any feeling that I may gain from that experience of having no concepts to bind me into a configuration of particular meaning, is ultimately empty, because as soon as I want to communicate it , perhaps because I think it is a good thing, I have already compromised what it is that I’m trying to express to this person. Or world. As the case may be.

      So I’m not sure if the issue, for me at least, is between concept or no concept or presence and absence or anything really like that. I look at it more around if had a choice around placing particular terms or concepts, as if there’s some sort of intention within me that would organize concepts in a particular way, decide upon their organization and such, if you will, or, whether they could only be manifested in that way Despite what I might think about what I’m enacting with any choice.

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