12 thoughts on “Buddhist Futures: The Black Hole of Post-Capitalism”

    1. I think it’s pretty interesting that I asked you that question on your last post and then this guy posts what is kind of a response to that question. Lol as if I merely just voiced a question that was already out there, somewhere. 🦄

      1. Considering the “response” you got from this guy, and the one I gave, it strikes me that he gave you some personal possibilities, and that I was indicating Impersonal actuality operating via the “person.”

      2. ..,that, what I call, the ‘conventional’ view rejects contradiction as the basis of discerning what is true, that contradiction indicates what is ‘vacant’, or having no content.

        So my work is involved with ‘the content of contradiction’

      3. Could be.
        Lets see:

        But I suppose that I ‘rejoin’ where otherwise there would be ‘nothing’. This is why I ask about what the indication means, what it is indicating.

        Is it nothing? Or just nothing that can be spoken of?

        I feel that I understand where you are coming from, but I feel that there is ‘something more’, if that makes any sense.

        I said before that your project appears to me to be a kind of ‘preliminary’ involvement. This appears to me because there obviously (also) appears to be people who’s understanding of Being comes from “those bunch of things”, like thoughts, atoms, cups, computers, money, planets, school, knowledge, identity, etc…

        And so, I think, you (or the other teachers you speak about or quote) are presenting aphorisms which indicate various problems with the, what I might call, “particular vector for the identification of Being”. But even that term is problematic. But, perhaps, in short, that all these ‘things’ are the constituency of Being, that there is no segregating of items to distinguish, say, “my Being”, or even “Me” from “that things there”. The field itself is Being, and the elements or aspects of this field are merely a particular manner by which Being is manifested as the field.

        This is such an easy thing to understand, but yet it also appears to be the most exceedingly difficult thing to “Be”. The understanding does not convey the “Being”, or so it appears.

        I would guess then, that what I am involved with, is, once such a “Being” is realized, actualized, the nevertheless-continuing-behavior, or persistence of {***what? I don’t know***} amounts to thus the “speaking of the field'”.

        With reference to the “mere understanding”, thought, such ‘speaking of the whole field’ is contradictory to that view which gains for Being its identity, its image, its objectivity, if you will.

        So I say, it is not so much nothing, because that somehow equates to some sort of end, which is itself another identity, rather, I say what is spoken is the content of the contradiction.

      4. Yeah, the pointers I post are talking about This which cannot be talked about. So there is contradiction inherent in the undertaking

        . And it is usually only of interest to a certain kind of seeker.

        I agree that the intellectual understanding does not convey the Being, but that is because “it” (which is not objective) is already “here.”

        Stating this as clearly as possible, and from a number of angles, may assist a tormented seeker to relax and grok what is.

      5. Lol. I just realized. : I said “ like perfection”..is boring. Lol.

        There was a Buddhist holy guy who said that two people who are enlightened would not be able to know each other is enlightened.

        Perfection, I meant in the sense of artistic performance or a goal of life. I like performances that are imperfect, that show flaws or mistakes. And to watch a concert that sound exactly like the recording is boring. 😎

        I suppose I look at this Awareness. We are talking about as some which doesn’t change anything, because the seeker is already involved in that Moment. The only change occurs for those who are not involved in it,

        But i would say that it is due to this ‘uninvolvment’ by others that shows to the Seeker that nothing has changed, because the World is still there as the person is, that is, unless you die or something. But really until then The View is different, then.

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