Why Do Bloggers Deny Comments?

I’ve noticed on some blogs the comment option does not exist. Only the like button appears.

Now, I can understand some blogs not having the comments because they really aren’t blogging on anything; I mean some blogs are kind of purest blogs which just report things. For example, Graham Harmons blog at least on word press here, Dr Malzek, doesn’t have comments but that’s because he mostly just reports and things that are occurring, but also I think because he has become somewhat a philosophical celebrity a little bit, and I wonder how many people would try to engage him in conversation through his blog. It might be overwhelming and then pretty much useless, because if it were me I would find myself obsessed with reading every comment, or trying to read every comment and then feeling compelled to comment on those comments — eventually I would just turn off the comments option.

But then there is someone like Levi Bryant, at Larval Subjects, Who is also somewhat well known. But he has the comment section open. And indeed does reply to some of the comments, but yet he also doesn’t get very many comments. He usually uses his blogging to process his own ideas and possibilities. So maybe the people that follow his blog have a certain respect for comments.

There are other people and professors whose blogs I follow who have the comment section open and comment and exchange and interact with commenters routinely. But these professors often don’t put forth some sort of opinion as much as they put forth analysis, or reposts of other authors; at least it seems like in general this is the case.

The blogs that I am a bit confused about are the ones that definitely put forward some sort of opinionated analysis but then don’t have the option for any comments.

I don’t know why but when I read an engaging blog and then I finish and my head is full of all sorts of wonderful comments and questions and rebuttals, and then I noticed there’s no comments option. My mind goes to that these people think they are correct so much that they don’t want to hear any dissenting opinion because it’s beneath them. Lol

I don’t know if this is entirely true but this tends to be my first thought reaction. When they were obviously putting forth an opinion, and often under the guise of fact, and they don’t have a comments option, it makes me think that they’re full of shit and it makes me set aside their whole essay as if it really doesn’t mean that much. 😝

When I started blogging, as readers may find in my earlier posts, I thought it would be a great way to engage with other thinkers and discuss various things. But I found that very few people want to discuss anything. So my blog has become mostly just a reporting blog of what other people do and then every once in a while I might put my short opinion on there. But I have my comments open. I want to hear it all. But somehow I think I am somewhat exceptional in my attitude.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Bloggers Deny Comments?”

  1. My blog is only a few months old and doesn’t have many viewers, but you are the only one who has asked any questions (even though one of the posts was titled “Any Questions.” In addition, you try to relate your work with mine; again uniquely so. Evidently, you have more appetite for these sorts of exchange than most. Regarding your work, I sometimes find it difficult to understand what you’re saying, perhaps because I am not accustomed to reading philosophy (occasional typos don’t help). So maybe you would get a bit more response if your language was more geared towards the general reader, but of course that comment is based solely on my experience.

    1. Thx. You’re probably right 😄 But at the same time. I hope that people would ask what I mean. Lol. But then again, everyone is supposed to appear like they know everything. So. There’s that.

      Actually. In my early posts. Maybe the first 2 years. I tried to write more in mind of people who weren’t all up on the ideas.

      Like I said. Very few people are interested in engaging . I’m here to learn. But I think most are not.

      Maybe start at the beginning. If your interested. It does start kinda if “in the middle”. But then I kinda fill in. At least I think I did. Lol.

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