Will Self’s trip into the Bardo

Will Self’s trip into the Bardo

Will Self’s trip into the Bardo
— Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/04/25/will-selfs-trip-into-the-bardo/

Excellent little venture into the alternity of alternation.

Further commentary:

Will Self is a pretty insightful guy. Got some great social commentary and questions.

What is mostly interesting to me is the psychotropic stuff he talks about.

One of the points he makes is that while the experiences can be quite provoking and intense, often bringing us to the point of insanity (from hindsight), it really means nothing.

He points out of Huxley and Watts and Leary is that when these guys came upon this stuff they immediately thought it was indicating some more significant reality, something more substantial. But also, that you have to pull out your intense and meditation bowls and set the scene and all and have transcendental experience — Like me, his point was that shouldn’t such drug experiences involve the world? I mean the world not set into any particular stage for the scene?

Self seems to have issue with the experience itself in a number a ways, but then basically tells us that it means nothing and that the experience itself is basically nothing in the whole scheme of universal existence.

How seasonably fashionable ! Whoa! Will; you mean you are saying that existence is based upon nothing. that we alone and alienated in the universe, having no availability to truth of it all?

Love you Will, but it sounds like you were a nihilistic punk rocker from the 70s and 80s. Oh wait; he says that of himself.

My point is that, no, it does not mean it all amounts to nothing and has no essential linking to anything outside of the bare experience of nonsense. My point is that IT IS ALL significant and links inseparably to everything that occurs in the universe. But not as an overdetermined “spirituality” or “universal consciousness”. Those are over-determined inspirational ideals manifested through the great God Reason, the church of which it sounds Will is a congregant, a particular denomination that poses itself as “not” that other incorrect stuff.

But of course, everyone has got to make a living. Even if they are unable to pull itself out of its own dogmatic sleep: It would seem the people he critiques as to the psychedelic experience where correct, even for Self’s appraisal. I wonder if he ever looked at it this way?

The question that is posed by the very appearance of Self is how might one behave in exactly a determined manner? It is not spiritual. And it is not ‘nothing’.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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