Contradiction and Denial.

“The most basic and foundational rebuttal of much of the postmodern and Continental schools lay in the bare fact that there is no agreement as to what they are talking about. It is as if a simple handshake requires an encyclopedic discursive rendition to even get to the tiniest truth about what is happening there….It is no wonder that the effectiveness of religion is by the truth it provides its congregants, why endless commentaries are ever required upon the Bible, even while such commentaries are converting no one…We are seeing types of being humans, evidence of ordinations, along side –but not reduced to–the relativistic inspired people of a transcendent term. The task before us is no longer individual expression; that is required for the task, but the task for the foreseeable era will be the mapping of such ‘de-terrirorialized’ subjective territories…Philosophy happens outside; discourse has changed places…”

The Philosophical Hack


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