#SSaP: Cultural Narratives of the Dead Heads Project.


The Shakedown Street Anthropological Project: Cultural Narratives of the Grateful Dead Heads is about gathering and preserving items that have value and meaning associated with the Grateful Dead and their audience, aka Dead Heads, and the narratives that surround those items.grateful-dead-concert


We feel that the Grateful Dead was/is a unique and valuable cultural phenomenon of the United States and the world.

We are developing an archive of such items, such as audience tapes, and various types of narratives about them. Every sort of narrative is welcome.

Such narratives can be by voice recording or by written essay.

We would like to know everything that a person can tell us about the item. Items can include ‘abstract memories’ about various shows and or tours. Ideally, we would like to get stories that attach themselves to specific shows, create a ‘cloud’ of narratives that orbit around specific events of the long strange trip.

Prompts include, but are not limited to:

General memories. How did you arrive art the show? How did the item in question come to be in your possession? Reflections about the show. “Crazy” or interesting thoughts or notions you had about various songs, shows, times, events, etc…

What kind of acid was around that show? Is there anything about the drug scene? What kind of bud? What vehicle did you drive or ride in? Did you tour or only goto specific shows?

Anything and everything.

We would like to begin accumulating the various, mysterious, crazy, wonderful, good and  bad narratives of people who have loved the Grateful Dead.

Please begin thinking about what experiences you have to contribute. Perhaps begin to write them down. It does matter how literate you are. It is all part of the valid cultural expression that occurred over 50+ years.

Its not all about the band and the jams, about Jerry and Bobby, Phil, Keith, Brent, Pigpen, Bill and Mickey. I’d say that at lest 65% of the whole thing is of the audience.


We are just starting out, so we are not entirely sure how we shall proceed.

Please leave a comment.




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