Opinion: Putin, Kremlin were unprepared for a US-EU assault

Opinion: Putin, Kremlin were unprepared for a US-EU assault

Opinion: Putin, Kremlin were unprepared for a US-EU assault
— Read on virtualborscht.com/2018/04/11/opinion-putin-kremlin-were-unprepared-for-a-us-eu-assault/

This may be a stretch, but like Fergie, I’m not afraid to experiment.

We like to play nice in the west. Even our meanest playing is still often nice. But we are smart and I think in general we allow people to make fun of us we allow people to even step a little bit into our boundaries that we set up, but if you try and take advantage of that niceness then we crush you.

I think that’s how it goes; the reason why a bully becomes a bully is because they keep taking advantage of niceness, but then it takes someone who is also nice who has the strength just to beat down the bully and put him in his place and basically let everyone else play on the playground. Because, in general, a bully does not understand negotiation the way nice people do; the bully understands negotiation as forcing his will upon others and them complying.

I am not a political scholar. But it is possible to see the wars in the 50s and 60s in Vietnam and Korea as having more of an ideological cause rather than an eminent cause; and maybe that’s why they’re really was no winner in those wars. Perhaps this is why Afghanistan continues.

But in World War I and two, perhaps even the Iraq war. there was an eminent threat. The diplomacy and niceness was met with intrusion and disrespect. and so we crushed Germany.

Of course the tatters of those beaten spread around the world and tried to somehow keep the ideological going but in the end maybe it took 20 or 30 or 40 years it’s pretty much disappeared.

Terrorism could be seen more as an ideological threat rather than an eminent threat. Maybe that’s a general strategy of terrorism is to do something that is threatening eminently, say bombing someplace like the World Trade Center or something like that, and then back out and just do a bunch of small things that really only appear within the ideological appropriation of the activity, like kill a few people here and there, abduct some people, put out some controversial videos. We may be offended, the west allows for people to be offended even as a lot of people might get pissed off about it. It’s called free-speech.

The West is based on a certain sovereignty of individual freedom. It’s ideals are based in the upbuilding potential of every human being and in being human itself. It could appear that Russia, as a political entity reflecting an ideological mandate, does not agree with this principle. And so it’s activities in the effort to consolidate more wealth and power of the government, the people that are in power in Russia, they are doing things to compromise or cause people to question the principle of sovereign freedom.

This is appearing more and more like an eminent threat to the Being of the West, and not just an ideological threat. And if Putin and his friends continue on in this way, that they don’t really want to play on the playground with everyone and have everyone be able to play whatever game they want to and play nicely with each other, then it may come down to having to just put a stop to them. They may continue on in their annoying and generally harmful ways picking away at individual freedom and potential, and they may encounter one day that they have picked too hard and they’re going to get smacked.

Sure it may be terrible for the world and there will be destruction and all sorts of science and new technology will come out of it, people will be traumatized for generations, all sorts of things will happen if this occurs, good and bad. But it just may bring an end to ideological distortions of what it is to be human in the world. Maybe consolidate what we think is good of being human as a common understanding. Perhaps, A little pain has to occur in order for there to be a birth.

I don’t know these are just thoughts that pop in and out.

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