The Elephant.

There is a Buddhist analogy of the world as a bunch of blindfolded Bodhisattvas standing around an elephant. One Bodhisattva handling the elephant’s trunk announces, “I know what it is! This is a snake.” Another one, by its leg, says, “No it is not, you fool, it is a tree! I can barely wrap my arms around it”. Etcetera, describing to us the intangible feature of reality, each of us only glimpses a small part of it and tells the others about it as though they are finding the true real thing.

At some point, you would think, that another Bodhisattva would arrive, stand back and calmly tell the others, “Hey, um, its an elephant!”

Perhaps, that what the Buddha is: The one who steps into the room and just says whats going on, but in a way where no one could uphold a further real denial of the Truth.

But of course, the Platonist Bodhisattva cave dwellers would have to assert their capitalist moment and claim that the Buddha has a partial view just like anyone else, and have her killed.

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