Block politicians on social media.

Perhaps we will learn from our current administration here in the US the amount of chaos and general BS that can arise from a president being able to use social media platforms as he wishes.

Perhaps we might have an intelligence and a motivation to make a law that if you are the president of the United States or a member of Congress that you are not allowed to use Twitter or Facebook or any of those kind of social media while you are in office.

I’m sure that texting would be sufficient for anyone needing to communicate anything important to their friends and family.

Part of this opinion stems from the idea that transparency in government could be an ideological posture more than it is a necessary tenant of democracy. Already our modern democracy is a distortion of “true democracy”, so it can appear that the ideal of transparency is able to occur more as a tactical manipulation of the politicians over the ‘good’ that transpires up from The Represented.

We might begin to see that what we want to mold together and conflate into Democracy could be a belief that misses the facts of what occurs in broad daylight, the ideal posture seeing only what it wants to see for the sake of the ideal ‘free subject’.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

4 thoughts on “Block politicians on social media.”

  1. Barring wordpress, and places that pick up my publications, I’m not on social media for some of the reasons you’ve outlined. And not having SM and a TV is great, I must say!

    SM may have been novel when it came out, but now it’s nothing more than sound canyons of politicians, movements, and their lackeys to bombard the rest of us with. Plus, I think it de-humanizes us extensively.


    1. I added a little bit more to the post. The meaning I intended to convey or that I intended to convey is that Zuckerberg and Facebook and whoever owns Twitter and all those other ones, they should block them. And Congress should pass a law that no elected official shall use those sites or have a presence on those sites while they are in office.

      But of course this won’t happen because people see the sites as grassroots democracy. I see it as a cauldron of political chaos. Lol.

      But I’m kind of weird because I have my kind of personal opinions and then I kind a have what I consider the truth of the situation. My opinion is not considered the truth, and the truth doesn’t influence my opinion, even as I hold both of these situations within myself as myself.

      I know; there is much philosophy within that idea. 👾

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      1. Easiest way to block them is to not be on SM! :p

        Plus, my classical obstinance is to view Twitter and FB as the newest iterations of Plato’s Cave. Everyone marveling at the shadows of 140 character posts WITH CAPSSS!!! or short Facebook rants that get tens of thousands of likes and shares, etc., just the cave facilitating itself over again.


      2. Omg yes.

        My blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. And such. But I never visit them.

        It’s plain nonsense to me. 😝


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