The Legitimate Mistake.

The principle of the legitimacy of the mistake holds with the notion that there is no learning where there is no mistake, no growth. This is so much to say that it is not consistent with the view that exalts in the flawless execution of activities. This is not the view of the mistake that […]

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Will Self’s trip into the Bardo

Will Self’s trip into the Bardo Will Self’s trip into the Bardo — Read on Excellent little venture into the alternity of alternation. Further commentary: Will Self is a pretty insightful guy. Got some great social commentary and questions. What is mostly interesting to me is the psychotropic stuff he talks about. One of the […]

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Fear of Losing Power.

Trump voters motivated by fear of losing status, study finds. We just might find one day that the only power that can be lost is that power which is invested of fear of losing power. ☺️✨ Somehow, I doubt it though. People love their fear.

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Contradiction and Denial.

“The most basic and foundational rebuttal of much of the postmodern and Continental schools lay in the bare fact that there is no agreement as to what they are talking about. It is as if a simple handshake requires an encyclopedic discursive rendition to even get to the tiniest truth about what is happening there….It […]

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