The Stoned Ape.

The Rational Animal.

“The philosophical process could be described as a human being noticing and then transcending her animal condition of the moment. It is thus the process of coming to the full rationality of the human animal for the time, and describing it. The description is thus the symbolic culmination of irony, at once only knowing of the pure knowledge of her animal rationale but then also describing it to a full systematic which is then viewed to be speaking about something that is the furthest point that rationality has stepped from her animality. ”

The Philosophical Hack.





6 responses to “The Stoned Ape.”

  1. […] over at Hesiod’s Corner made a comment about my The Stoned Ape post, to which I am posting the following […]


  2. Hesiod Avatar

    Tis actually a very accurate depiction of what the Brave New World, and what we, are becoming in my opinion. The mindless ape stoned on the promise of endless consumption with technology used to feed only our unsatiable desire for more! 😉


    1. landzek Avatar

      Im going to reply to this through a post, if you don’t mind.


    2. landzek Avatar

      I just realized how silly it sounds on my post that I call you Hesiod. Lol. My name is Lance if you didn’t already know ,what is your name?


      1. Hesiod Avatar

        Ah. Well I like to keep my “pseudonym” online for various reasons. My real name is Paul, always attached to any of my professional or public writings. I figured you had to be Lance because, looking at your books, there’s a name attached so I intuited Lance Kair had to be you! (Unless you were writing under a pseudonym :p)

        I’ll have to offer a thoughtful reflection on the new post.


      2. landzek Avatar

        Ok. I’ll keep it Hesiod in there. 👌🏾.


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