Russian Moron Announces to the World He Has A Very Large Penis.

Amazing new discovery proves that despite all our best efforts and back patting that we as human beings are still stupid.

“Time for our president to work on his cod piece, “Whitehouse spokes person said.

“Responses to the threat of violence based on overcompensation has confirmed that our main concern as a responsible world power is to make larger and more destructive devices. Money should be diverted into offensive weapons of mass destruction in hopes that a more intelligent human race will develop out of the evolutionary bottleneck of nuclear winter. ”

Other powerful dumb people have also suggested more money be given to religious institutions to help humanity out with its self image problem. Breast Implants have also been suggested.

“We must make sure no one knows how stupid we are,” one dumb person in power said. “we need to develop bigger, more complex words, and larger sexual biology. But in the meantime we need more destructive weapons. We simply do not have a high enough level of conceptual abstraction yet which overcomes our existential biological insecurities.”

“Only an emphasis on physical ineptitude can save us now” commented the leader the Christian Scientology, the newest and coolest form of brainwashing yet. “We have to make sure that most people think they are very intelligent by focusing on physical appearance. This kind of Propaganda and media manipulation is the best way to get people to believe in God without them knowing it. That and commenting on how small men’s penises are and making them believe how women are being left unsatisfied. Then we will have the necessary hogwash to make people support huge and powerful weapons of mass destruction. ”

Trump and the American government are working on growing their penises to legendary sizes. As the women there continue to tell the men it’s not big enough, and as they recruit the best plastic Surgeons for the government makeover.

Representatives of the homosexual , queer and trans communities have yet to comment on this exciting and important event.

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