The Non-Sine of The No-Times

I’m watching The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat” , an episode from the latest season of The X-Files.

The writers of this show are genius. In this episode they pretty much define as represent the difference between generations all the while being (perhaps unknowably) keen on philosophy; namely Zizek’s ‘changing of the past’, but less as a Mandala Effect as much as that psychological explanation further exemplifies the relation between Moulder and Scully, a relation that seems to have been lost through the generation which then further brings the X-Files as an aggravatingly ironic example of what cannot be explained due to the philosophical changing of the past!


Classic. And yet strangely anachronistic. But we will find out in about another 15 years or so if indeed the anachronism still holds.


(But who’s got the time to wait to be proven to?)

But not only that. The writers also seem to have reiterated the continuing repetition of the state of our intelligence and its careless importance that, I believe, Walter Benjamin described as the “blase’ ” attitude.

And still we think we’re getting somewhere. And all based in the self-reflective evidence of technology, oddly enough, that contains no knowable truth (?).

Like our great president said:

“No one really knows.”

It’s like a modern mantra that reiterates in our brilliant philosophies like ‘accelerationalism’: Nothing you can say to prove it’s nonsense because the advocates and conversationalists themselves don’t even know what they are talking about😝 so caught up they are in believing their own dogma. Fucking amazing.

It’s just so perfect, it’s truly comic!

You have to watch that episode.

The protagonist ends up actually to be an escaped ward of a mental asylum who gets picked by an old ambulance that looks like the car from ” Ghostbusters” (the original movies).

And the final fantastic scene is a Martian comes back and tells the crew that Earthlings are not wanted in the rest of the universe because we are lame and that they are going to build and invisible electromagnetic wall to prevent us from going out there. Then the Martian gives Moulder a book with “all the answers”.

So rad.

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