Accelerationalism Analogue

I’m always so antagonistic towards the accelerationism thing, but even as I have reactions and I have my own processes and manners of coming to terms with various aspects, I realize that these are all part of the process and so I’m usually just trying to come to terms with whatever it is. The discourses […]

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The Non-Sine of The No-Times

I’m watching The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat” , an episode from the latest season of The X-Files. The writers of this show are genius. In this episode they pretty much define as represent the difference between generations all the while being (perhaps unknowably) keen on philosophy; namely Zizek’s ‘changing of the past’, but less […]

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Actual Philosophical Difference.

“In the philosophical context, a difference exists where offense marks a boundary. If I move to describe a leaf, and I say it is brown, no one is offended and no one argues over the simple description of that fact of autumn. Yet, for some very particular and indeed knowable reason, if I  move to […]

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