The Spirit is a Bone: Enlightenment means the realization that you are not enlightened.

” Modern thought would ever prevent us from having an orgasm. Modern thought could be said to be the perpetuation of foreplay, the roller coaster of almost and the re-settling into changing positions.

It does this for the purpose of maintaining a faith that the ultimate culmination will bring a change. But as everyone knows, once you’ve achieved orgasm you yourself are still laying there the same person indeed with the same person that you begun to lay with.

Modernity does not want you to know that you’re passionate culminating purpose will achieve nothing more than what you already have. It is no coincidence that effective contraception modes came up in the modern context.”

Who said that??

– “… But this is not a depressing end; only those who have never achieved orgasm will see that as indicating depressive end. What becomes all the more exciting isthen to terms with just what technology is exactly. But everyone loves playing video games and snap chatting and Facebooking too much to really care about what technology really is, so in the end, again, we end up with what we started with. ”

– would you shut up please.


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