The Post after the Last Post.

Ive come to an ending. It is time I wrap up a couple books I have in the make. I tend to spend all my writing and thoughtful energy toward these blog essays, and its time I finish up these projects.

Also, I hope to open up a little as a person. I have been behind the essay, but have not really been interested in talking about my day. So perhaps I will come back here time to time and give an update.

Also. I am finding very little discussion through blogging. I appreciate what interactions and writing relationships I have encountered here, but when I started this blog, I thought it would be a great way to engage with thinkers. Alas, I find that very few want to engage, and that it seems the blog is not the place. In fact, Im kind of seeing it as more like a Soundcloud kinda thing, where you post your song and anyone can use it or pieces of it and not have to engage with or give credit to the songwriter. I think some of that goes on in the blog. At lest it appears that way sometimes; those who are more capitalistic mine the blogosphere for ideas that those who are less capitalistic put out there in honest sincerity, and then use those ideas for their personal benefit.


I started this blog with a simple question:

  • Why does Francois Laruelle use such dense jargon to convey such a simple idea?

I have travelled many vectors of thought and ideas, many tangents, and I feel I have come to a place of solace: I have answered my question.

Now, I will finish these projects.

Until tomorrow…

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

5 thoughts on “The Post after the Last Post.”

  1. However if you think you have reached a stopping point, that’s your choice! you have definitely created a great archive- which I’m actually wondering how to create myself (we can email about it if you like, I’m still trying to get WordPress to work right).
    I think one limitation of the blog format is that blogs that are popular kind of absorb traffic, so even blogs that are good won’t get seen. However, from what I’ve seen of your book, that’s also a worthwhile endeavor

    1. Thank you for the kind words .

      FYI: The archive just happened over time. I didn’t do anything special. After a time it will start placing older ones in ‘archives’. I guess. .

      That’s another thing about the blog. Is. I don’t really know how to use it effectively.

  2. I definitely feel that way, and actually I was going to bring up that issue with you. I noticed the discrepancy between the amount of people that follow your blog and those that comment on it. I read the stuff you’ve posted and try to talk about it with you- actually I would say if you are looking for that still, you shouldn’t get discouraged, even though we have generally not found many people who try to engage. I think its kind of a limit of the genre, but I also think that its just our culture- there aren’t many people who are interested in philosophical topics that are at the level of actually engaging with them. They just read and move on

    1. Thank you. Yes. It is about energy: I feel that I disperse it on the blog. Where I could use it in more productive ways. I’ll still be looking and reading and commenting probly. Maybe reposting. Without comment. 😛But not as much. Thanks man.

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