“Everyone knew” 

Re-post About The what’s his name Hollywood producer who is a fucking moron and how no one had the balls to stop it.
And also — I don’t mean to condemn everyone likes to go watch women strip, but who the fuck goes to strip bars and actually enjoys it? 
I love sex, but who the fuck hires professionals sex workers for a business party? 

I’m just gonna come right out and just call like half of the men in the world is just fucking complete idiots. Because you know what ? there are a lot of men that like to go to strip clubs. and hey – you know there’s a lot of women who make a lot of money by stripping naked for the idiot guy sitting there drinking booze and coming on themselves. A Mutually beneficial situation of responsible parties involved in whatever kind of sex act, hey, I’m all for it, do your thing.

But come on; so many people just straight idiots. Powerful yes in many cases, but idiots just the same. 
I mean for real..w t f. 

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