Will We Make It Through? Discussions About Race.

HERE Is a great essay in the situation that is playing out more and more accross America, at least.

And on a side, but similar, note:

Are we beginning to uncover the before covered and crimes that occur in big offices by the White Male Privilege , or is the structure of power merely putting up a few patsies in the attempt to reinstate complacency? 

When we see a growing number of well knows getting fired, is not difficult to consider that maybe we are beginning to weed out the bad apples from the system of abuse. Likewsie, It is not difficult to see that perhaps Donald Trump is another of these bad apples. Perhaps we needed to follow the apparent expression of “something new” to really get to see and understand the cretins who live under the rocks of image and spins. 


  1. Its patsies. There are always going to be patsies. Martin Shkreli was also a patsy. I like that you use that metaphor. Reminds me of course of the JFK assassination. Not that I believe in that…Harvey Oswald’s last words though…

    Anyway, that brings up another point. Maybe “patsy” isn’t the right word, more like scapegoat. Because at the end of the day, its not a conspiracy. Take Bill O-
    he was the sacrificial lamb. Glad you linked to that Atlantic article, very interesting.

    Its more clear that Shkreli was a scapegoat for problems in pharmaceutical industry/Wall St. than this media mogul guy. But you are right, at the end of the day, whats not being addressed is why aren’t more women in positions of power. But to be controversial about that…maybe women just aren’t going for those positions? stats about women’s inequality aren’t going to convey when the woman just doesn’t get the job though, and discrimination lawsuits…fat chance probably. Basically, I think you are right in that there are a lot of “dark precursors” to these top media stories

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