Evidence of Mistake.

Here is a little bit about the relevancy of humanism.

If you click on the link to the essay about humanism and read about three or four paragraphs down into the essay you will find the mistake. 

What I mean by mistake is not that the essay is wrong, or that humanism doesn’t have relevancy, or that humanism is wrong, or that to say that humanism is wrong is wrong. I’m not even saying that to be a mistake it is thus wrong. To indicate a mistake is merely to indicate; it does not indicate that it is essentially incorrect except insomuch as there may already be a feeling that something is wrong, whereby then someone would look for a way to correct it. This is not a proposal about what needs correcting, but is rather merely showing what facts can be. In theory there is no right or wrong, there is only what can be argued to be the case; that we must argue through what can be right or wrong is a fact. 

Here is a key premise of the proceeding  essay in the link, on its side for your convenience: 

I have proposed thatthese types of arguments are based in a kind of route. what I mean by this is that the world does not become meaningless; rather, a particular route of meaning in history has led itself to the point that it’s route is meaningless. A particular route of meaning has let it self to indict the bases by which it has proceeded along reason. and so it is not difficult to move over and see that God is not dead, but that there was a particular manner of making meaning, a particular substrate, if you will, a ground upon which reason was moving that has proven itself to be insolute.

it is not that we have to make meaning in a meaningless world, because the whole idea of having a meaningless world is it self meaningful.

So here’s another philosophical example of the particular route. The significance of this problem but more so of this notice, is that people still rely upon it to say such things as “God is dead”, or “the world is meaningless “. it happens everywhere and it is not that this route is incorrect as it is just another route due to the fact that it persists. there is no argument that can prove to people that this particular route is incorrect; it is only mistaken.

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