Convention anf the Hidden Systemic of Cybernetic Control. 

We might first like to notice that some cyborgs are dysfunctional, and I mean this in the sense that human beings behave cybernetically. but also, that just because human beings our cybernetic in their function does not mean that all human beings exist within a common class that can be identified do to cybernetics. 

The issue on the table is whether or not a category can communicate across its breadth. Does the category necessitate the potential for communication at all reaches within its parameters? 

Here is a video of a lecture that has something to do with silicon valley people, Stanford is Silicon Valley basically, asserting themselves to a category that I suppose that programmers and  tech geeks have been historically left out of maybe. I don’t know; computer engineers to me or not interesting, there wizards they do spells and exist within covens. That is my super intelligent take on Silicon Valley type people: they do magic in a very literal sense, to the extent that I don’t really care what the hell they do, it just doesn’t interest me. They are all excited about messing up my life basically, lol. Their goal and indeed their passion is to make my life as difficult as possible all the while promoting a discourse that makes me think that something is wrong with me if it’s not making my life easier. 😄. 
OK, enough of the gripe, that is not the point of this post.

About eight minutes into that video he’s talking about how jargon is developed. I haven’t watched enough of the video to really get his point except that he is attempting to explain how some intellectual Oreilly person became what he did. Quite regular par for the course stuff. Ok. 

What interest me is that he’s describes a situation where people come together and in the course of working with each other develop a type of language around the particular problem or particular area in which they are working together, and then this jargon becomes a way to allow them to get things done.

What jumps out to me is that there is a group of people who get together start speaking their own language that has specifically to do with the task at hand, outside of which regular people don’t understand what they’re talking about.

Btw: Despite all the practical implications about how things might get done,  I’m not making an argument to say that the way we do things in the world is somehow incorrect or wrong or something; please remove that idea from your reading of this post. 

It seems to me that he is telling us that people get together and create a privileged discourse. And then from this group there are people who speak this particular privileged discourse and then they move over and get together with another group who has developed around privileged jargon and together they then develop their own, what we could call a higher level, jargon that accounts for the two previous groups, etc.

This is a perfect definition of what I mean by “conventional”. And it is real. The functioning of this manner seems to be an end in itself. If we ask why a particular group is motivated towards a particular task they were ultimately refer that task to another larger task. With all the associated jargons and discourses and higher level learnings and etc., what occurs is that of a privileged state of existence. This privilege becomes more Xclusive as it promotes it’s general inclusivity of all human beings, as the end task that is never discussed is obviously in axiomatically human as a general category.

We are reminded of Delueze and Guattari and the machine of ideology. It is not so much that human beings will develop something that’s not human, such as AI, that will take us over and basically make us obsolete. No. It is more that this is what occurs and it is only in foresight that we become apprehensive and fearful, but the reality and fact of the matter is that the humanity that lives with this ever-increasing inclusion, that we could even call a kind of Orwellian 1984 totalitarianism, is taken as natural to the human condition of its time. There is never a revolution, the revolution has already been accounted for in the development of group jargon, already been accounted for in the group that is solving the problem involves in the fearfull future, The nonhuman future that human beings are somehow creating out of their humanity. 

I need I mention again the “changing of the past” that goes along with this type of inherently inclusive jargon that is itself the state of being human, The feedback that is the human being looking for itself in something that is not itself is promoted by the task of the group seeking to accomplish its task without any definitive ends but the development of a common discourse redundantly  wing informed by the (undefined, ungrounded) task: The ground is the ideological investment of the common category.  . Hence the question of if a category can be communicated throughout it’s breadth. 

4 thoughts on “Convention anf the Hidden Systemic of Cybernetic Control. ”

  1. not sure how you came to understand this video about how these people (only some of which are techies) have come to create a new kind of role as public (not in-group private) intellectuals is about what you say it’s about?

    1. Lol. I’m only really commenting on the formation of task based groups not on his whole point. Actually. I’m making no comment at all about his point of the whole lecture really. I’m sure it’s interesting. I got about 20 minutes into it.

      I’m too defensive anyways.

      I found an example of one of my points, incidentally, in his lecture.

      1. Yeah. I’m kinda talking half in already. 🤙🏽

        In short, he touches upon the cybernetic feedback of human involvement, as it functions toward ever increasing inclusivity. His lecture exhibits this unconscious proper method

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