Human Beings are Insane: About Orientation upon Objects (technology).

The idea that human beings are noble as merely an ethical construct.


…and more insane evidence:

I am tending to believe that these events are not exceptional to human beings, but actually integral. I could fill many web pages with all the violence that human beings enact from personal-individual levels, to institutional levels. At best, the idea of civilization(s) seems more a juggling act on there verge of losing a ball every moment, than a stable better-future destined and God ordained motion through time.

If one looks at the European Enlightenment, as it is still extending into Our modern day, we might note that it has only been effective (in a manner of speaking) for around 300 years. Consider this in light of, say Ancient Egypt. Even a conservative estimate sees that it lasted 2000 years; and Rome: 1500 years.

It is easy for us — us in the sense of Western christian Capitalism (including atheism) — to justify our time as more progressed and working toward a ‘better’ world, and a better humanity. It is not so easy to consider that the Natives of Western Continents’ , civilizations were just as progressed, and that their views were just as complete and explanatory and justifying as ours,


or that the Egyptians and the Romans viewed their civilizations as just as progressed, just as divinely manifest.

The idea that our civilization is more progressed and or becoming more ‘civilized’, leading humanity toward a ‘better future’ and or more ethically enlightened, may be overdetermined in its ideal. Human beings may just be an ‘intelligent’ animal, an animal that is intelligent because it is capable of justifying its behavior against what it must do (non-sensible violence, or violence that is justified by various sensibilities, whether just or unjust) to understand of itself toward a (human) future. Perhaps, though, this is all that is happening; perhaps we will always be at war, there will always be ‘insane’ reasons for ‘atrocious’ acts, and the ‘enlightened mind’ is but a kind of recourse upon what is already occurring in the human being for the ‘progress’ as a whole, as a pure ideology.

It may be that our understanding of technology and our relation to it is the culprit, the ‘reason’ why we can uphold this idea of progress against the overwhelming evidence that as an ethical species, we are getting nowhere. Our orientation upon technology could be the evidence that allows each cultural moment to view itself as a sensible and logical progression from the historical others.

More on that later…

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