Impeach the Moron.

•There is no intelligent defence for Trump’s blatant idiocy and general incompetence. #sadamerica    Trump supporters need to have a reality check. Maybe they should move to the country of Puerto Rico. 

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Spiritual Practice. 

For a moment, I am entertaining the idea that spiritual practice is not about finding peace through placating activity. Also, I do not distinguish between philosophy and spirituality except in as much as spirituality tends to denote some sort of process of finding an essential religious trends in dental truth. What is spiritual in a […]

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Evidence of Mistake.

Here is a little bit about the relevancy of humanism. If you click on the link to the essay about humanism and read about three or four paragraphs down into the essay you will find the mistake.  What I mean by mistake is not that the essay is wrong, or that humanism doesn’t have relevancy, […]

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