OGraham Harman first lecture at an architecture school. 2007

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Professor Harmon has a way of being able to talk about things in a simple manner.  Here is a lecture from 2007 Where he begins his talk by stating that’s what he values about philosophy and indeed sees philosophy as a method of simplification, and indeed he does a good job at philosophy in the sense.

Levi Bryant in a post that I reposted just a couple posts ago actually points out something that I’ve been guilty of ever since I heard the term: speculative realism was never some sort of school of thinkers. It was just the name of an event at which I think three or four philosophers that we know of now we’re call together to talk about their individual ideas. So when I have clumped together and use the term “speculative realism” as a sort of name for a certain type of philosophers, I have perhaps been over presumptuous.

Nevertheless the one thing besides the name perhaps misapplied, that these philosophers have in common is a basic tenant that there must be something outside. Harmon speaks about what could be outside by situating objects in this way, and the others that were involved in that meeting likewise we’re trying to situate and come to terms with what It could possibly mean that there must be something that falls outside of what we could call human centrism.

I think they happened upon a particular view, and this view is indeed significant.

So here’s professor Harmon spelling it out for us. Harman. 😄

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