Thinking Terrorism Differently: Exclusionary Dialectics.

Thoughts after  todays terrorist attack in Spain.

We might see that human beings are not a special universal case. We might begin to understand that human beings occur within a kind of biological manifestation whereby a majority of organisms coincide with an aggregate and common response to activity, and a minority do not respond in accordance with that aggregate. We might see that human beings as a biological organism, occur along a predictable statistical continuum of outliers, and that consciousness does not occur as a true empirical item or as a sort of economy or interactive users of knowledge, but more as a physical manifestation of perceived traits, or traits that are perception. In short, we might begin to see human beings as manifestations of special cases of universe regularity, and thus be able to look at dealing with terrorism less as an outcome of cultural or psychological responses to various traumatic or conditional learning or informational processing, and more as a manifestation biological outlaying. In short: To view those who would enact exclusionary violence because of some idealist belief, who feel justified by that belief, as actually insane. This is to suggest not that such ‘murders for idealism’ are a deviancy of our common human being, but indeed of a different species altogether, in so much as they wish to destroy others “of their own kind” who are ideally “not of their own kind”. We might then begin to understand that what we desire of a common humanity is yet again another idealism but of a common human sort, where people might behave ‘ethically’ if we allow them the correct conditioning or therapeutic counseling. This is an irony of our moment, that we can ethically segregate kinds, now, without recourse to the totalitarian fear that accompanies a human being who is not human. We can begin to understand how difference actually manifests outside of the special universal human case.

The caveat to this possibility is that human beings will always situate their being with reference to these outliers, and so will never be able to biological categorize such insane people without enacting a corresponding totalitarian state, which for out moment, is in contradiction of our ethical norms that allow for the common human being.

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