Some Philosophy and Art, and some philosophical art: The Anthopocene, Black Holes and theoretical blank spots.

While we posit about some conceptual ‘black hole’ of the anthropocene, in many cases, even the authors themselves will miss the blank spot and not grasp what they are talking about even while their view is fully informed.
Below is a cool article. But, I can’t help but wonder how much (mistaken) postmodern approach goes into this kind of research; it appears to me that some “terms have been changed to maintain the anonymity of the theory”. As if “the similarity of the structural semantics are purely coincidental”. But we will get into that later; maybe you might like a primer for the pocket veto

Here is a cool tune that is philosophical as much as it is artistic, an I think it not only goes good with the essay below philosophically, but it also makes for good background music while you read it.

Originally posted on Institute for Interdisciplinary Research into the Anthropocene: Preamble This paper focuses on dark-theory, and explains the Anthropocene through such dark theory. It addresses a major problematic for contemporary theory; i.e., it is not dark enough. In terms of the current environmental, social and cultural situation, we are faced with a singularity, which…

via Black Sun: The singularity at the heart of the Anthropocene — synthetic zerø


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