My Charlottesville 2 cents

After nearly 50 years of investigation, I have concluded that people are stupid. And I could be one of them.

The cartoon may be more true than we like to believe; if I can artistically generalize:

If we look at modalities and strategies of the two sides (those who learn from history and those who don’t care), it might be true that we are dealing with the difference between “the human family” kind of approach, and the “my family” approach.

The former sees all human beings involved in a grand story, such that this idea (of the grand story) informs us all to what is beyond our disagreements, from the basic tenet that we all deserve to be alive in this world, doing our thing, whatever that is.

That latter is more concerned with “my family”. I mean this here in the sense that the story is not grand one, but an exclusive one. ‘My family’ is who I feel is involved in what is good and right and anyone else who does not fit within this enclave always approaches within the possibility that they should be killed, or other wise removed or set aside.

As a member of the former, I think we may have some pretty difficult decisions to make; that is, since that latter are really part of ‘our grand family’. Do we spank them? Do we try to take a kind and empathetic view toward them ? Or maybe we simply decide that they are no longer part of our grand family?

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