I am rarely on Facebook but I found this through the anti-Zizek league page. Contrary to popular norms, am proud to say I don’t know how to get to that page from anywhere else, or why it came up through  a notice of Blake posting on the page. 

It seems that people will always attempt to overcome the limitations and this is very good in so far as it is indeed a maximum of our modern times. So it is interesting and kind of funny that someone or some people decided to assert it even more by making it ‘meta-‘. modernism. So we get not only the modern enlightenment version of transcending limitation, but now we have the meta-modern version of transcending the inability to transcend limitation. 

I hope it works ; people can make lots of money and identity capital from such ideas. Meta-modernism.
(PS I’m such a sarcastic pessimist. Lol. It’s very possible that I am the hater that everyone points to when they say don’t hate. Lol.   But then I’d have to argue against that.). 

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